Prifend Long Lifetime Pre-RO Cartridge Filter

PrifendTM is designed with a unique graded pore structure which ensures high retention efficiency and dirt holding capacity and longer lifetime when compared to normal melt-blown filters. They are ideally suited for protecting RO filtration in water treatment applications by reducing water system running cost.

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Product Specification

Filter MediumPP
Filter ConstructionPP
Max. Operating Temperature80°C
Max. Operating Pressure

0.3 MPa @21°C

0.21 MPa @80°C

Flow Rate Characteristics

Prifend Long Lifetime Pre-RO Cartridge Filter.jpg

Flow Rate / PrifendTM – 10inch (L/min)

Test Criteria:single length (254mm) Cartridge, RO water (1.005cP) @20°C

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