Novacon Ultra High Precision Chemical Filter

High retention efficiency, flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation. High density membrane structure provides advanced 2nm retention.

Hydrophilic membrane makes it suitable for the filtration of DHF/ BOE/ DIW/ SC1/ SC2 <60°C

Highly asymmetric HAPES membrane structure provides higher flow rates and longer life time.

Nocacon Sem.png

Filter's cleanliness reduces equipment pre-operation time.

Ultra-low metal extractables.

All fluorine construction, one-piece structural design makes it easy to install and replace this filter capsule.

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediumHigh Asymmetric HAPES
Core/End CapsHDPE
Max. Operating Temperature65°C
Max. Operating Pressure

Cartrige                   Capsule

0.34MPa@25°C       0.58MPa@25°C

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