Gasclar Chemical Filter

GasclarTM Filter Cartridges remove chemical compositions from gas. They are specifically designed for exposure machines, LAB factory, and as air filtration solutions for Clean Rooms.

GasclarTM FM Filter Cartridges are composed of uniquely constructed of a foam media with active carbon media and non-woven support. The design ensures no particle leaking during the downstream process. It can used to remove acids (including acetic acid and HCI), bases (NH3), and VOC (PGMEA and Halocarbons).

· Minimum pressure loss

· High adsorption capacity for odors/ OCs (with optional carbon filters)

· No particle leaks

· Low energy consumption

· Minimum weight

GasclarTM SCS Filter Cartridges utilize self-bonding technology. This reduces the chance of clogging by the active carbon media or the release of contaminating particles as there are no adhesives used in the construction of the filter cartridge.

This filter effectively reduces pressure drops and has high adsorption ability.

· High adsorption efficiency

· High adsorption capacity

· Minimum pressure loss

GasclarTM IC Filter Cartridges are composed of carbon media with non-woven support. Even in low concentration, this filter provides high retention for targeted objects.

· High adsorption efficiency even in low concentration

· High adsorption capacity

· No secondary pollution

· Low pressure drops

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