Hospital Point of Use Filter


Disposable water Filter is designed to remove waterborne pathogens such as Legionella spp.Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Coliforms in hospital tap water.

Hospital tap water has been recognized as “the most overlooked, important, and controllable source of HAI”, Cobetter point of use infection control Filters are an economical way to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections, specially for the at-risk patients with immune compromised system including oncology, organ transplant, surgical, burn, chronic lung disease and HIV patients, as well as elderly and newborn are susceptible to infection through direct contact, ingestion, and inhalation of waterborne pathogens.

Cobetter disposable water filter is composed of a 0.2 micron double layer PES pleated membranes with an asymmetric pre-filtration layer for longer service life and lower filtration cost. The filters have been validated on Brevundimonas diminuta according to ASTM F838 (bacteria challenge test) with a bacteria retention >107/cm2(sterilizing grade).


  • Steriling Grade Disposable Water Filter