Semiconductors - Microelectronics - Cobetterfiltration
  • Photopex UPE 2nm removal retention. Using dense membrane technology, to effectively remove easy-deformable contaminant.
  • Chemvast Cost Effective All-Fluoropolymer Chemvast has a PVDF construction with a PTFE membrane which makes it suitable to filter electronic grade chemicals. Cost effective solution for HF filtration.
  • Hydropure DI Water Purier Effectively remove metal ions from ultra-pure water. Ensure stable output of ultra-pure water.
  • Photopex Nylon
  • Photopex Multi According to different application requirements, use Cobetter's know-how and experience to customize the product.
  • Novacon Ultra High Precision Chemical Filter High retention efficiency, flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation. High density membrane structure provides advanced 2nm retention.
  • Chemtek Ultrapure Chemical Filter All fluorine construction makes it suitable for the filtration of highly corrosive high temperature chemicals including SPM/H3PO4/IPA.
  • Chemega High-Efficiency Flitration for Chemicals Chemega is constructed of a PTFE membrane that provides excellent chemical compatibility and is inherently hydrophobic.
  • Prifend Long Lifetime Pre-RO Cartridge Filter Prifend is designed with a unique graded pore structure which ensures high retention efficiency and dirt holding capacity and longer lifetime when compared to normal melt-blown filters.
  • Apesfend Electronic-Grade DI Water Fine Filtration Filter Apesfend constructed of a highly asymmetric PES membrane. Widely used in DI and ultra-pure water filtration, its features include low ion release, good conductivity recovery ability, inline flushing time reduction, and high retention efficiency.
  • Chemrapid Surface-modifiled Ultrapure Chemicals Filter Non-dewetting modified membrane improves surface energy. Superior filtration efficiency and high low rate.
  • Chempure Ultra-pure Metal Ion Removal Chemical Filter Designed with metal ion removal function. Superior filtration efficiency and high low rate.
  • Kemlink All Polyuorine Filter Housing Overall PFA construction makes it suitable for highly corrosive high temperature ultra-pure chemicals.
  • Gasfender Ultra-pure Gas Cartridge Filter Gasfender is constructed of electronic- grade stainless steel. It is specially designed for the inline gas filtration in the semiconductor process at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Gasclar Chemical Filter Gasclar Filter Cartridges remove chemical compositions from gas. They are specifically designed for exposure machines, LAB factory, and as air filtration solutions for Clean Rooms.