Our product scope includes microporous membranes, pleated filter cartridges, filter capsules, UF modules, stainless steel filters, coalescing separators, customized filtration systems, and filter validation services (testing and analysis);
Founded in 2007 with a 50 million RMB investment, Cobetter Filtration Validation Center has been accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). Our Validation Center Team includes 10 international experts and 30 lab technicians.
Due to the latest 14nm requirements for semiconductor production process, Cobetter has developed a 2nm HAPES filter cartridge which greatly improves semiconductor fabrication yields.
  • Asymmetric PES membrane with high flow rates;
  • A hydrophilic PES membrane can be included in the manufacturing process which allows the filter to be used without pre-wetting;
  • Used for BOE, HF, and TMAH filtration;
With a large-scale investment, Cobetter’s manufacturing facility follows Japanese Quality Control Methods and uses advanced German manufacturing equipment to ensure that all products are produced with quality and reliability.
  • Concentration, clarification and dialysis of proteins, antibiotics, nucleic acids, and other Bio-molecular products;
  • Buffering Exchange;
  • Clarification before chromatography for colloid particles removal;
  • Endotoxin removal in small molecule solutions;
  • Product recovery, washing and clarification of gel-suspended liquids and cell/virus culture media;

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As a large global company, Cobetter has a workforce composed of 600 employees and 230 engineers providing services to 3,200 customers in 80 countries including 250 customers in Japan. With a strong focus on the international market, Cobetter exports 50% of her products to overseas markets.

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