MicroDisc® Membrane Filter
Cobetter MicroDisc
® gamma sterile individually packed membrane filters, for colony counting in bioburden testing, are available with gridded and non-gridded MCE(Mixed Cellulose Ester) and CN(cellulose nitrate).

Bioburden Testing or microbiology testing plays very important role of quality control in a variety of industry like water, food&beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics etc .

Cobetter offers complete solution to microbiology testing, including gamma sterile single packed membrane filters, continuous packed membrane filters, filtration funnels, filtration units, manifolds, dispenser.


  • Sterile, individually packed

  • A range of membrane pore sizes are available to meet wide variety of applications

  • Consistent performance

  • Lot traceability


 Membrane Material

Mixed Cellulose Ester or Cellulose Nitrate

 Filter Diameter47mm
 Fliter Surface

Gridded and plain

 Filter Color

white and Black

 Filter Pore Size(μm)

0.22 / 0.45 / 0.8μm

Ordering Information

  Cata. No.


  Pore Size





  SMFWGMC470022    white  0.22 μm







  0.45 μm

  SMFWGMC470080  0.80 μm


  0.22 μm



  SMFLGMC470045  0.45 μm


  0.22 μm

  Cellulose Nitrate

  Cellulose Nitrate

  Cellulose Nitrate

  SMFWGCN470045  0.45 μm

  0.80 μm