CSSC Cylidrical Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Sintered Filter Cartridge

Cobetter CSSC Cylindrical Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Sintered Filters with multiple layers of 304 or 316 sintered stainless steel wire cloth that result in superior strength and corrosion and thermal resistance. Even under high pressure, the pores remain homogeneous while providing stability throughout the filter. This type of filter is ideally suited for solid/liquid solution separation where there are rigid particles.     A long lifespan with excellent re-using properties.

Features and Benefits

  • Pure stainless steel structure
  • 5 layers of 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth
  • Reinforcing layer
  • Homogenous pore sizes
  • Superior strength and corrosion and thermal resistance
  • Cartridge can be cleaned and re-used
  • Excellent re-using properties
  • No fiber releasing

  • Specification
  • Performance
  • Ordering Information

Materials of Construction

Protective Layer 304/316 Stainless Steel
Filter Layer304/316 Stainless Steel
Dispersion Layer304/316 Stainless Steel
First Reinforcing Layers304/316 Stainless Steel
Second Reinforcing Layers304/316 Stainless Steel

Nominal Dimensions 


60 mm

Additional Diameter Specifications Available Upon Request


Double Open-End (DOE)

Sigle Open-End (DOE)

Operating Conditions

Max. Differential Pressure

3.0 bar / 21°C (forward flow)

Recommended Continuous 

Operating Temperature Range

-75°C to +200°C

Note: Temperature dependant on o-ring compound



Liquid Pore 

Size (μm)


Rating (μm)



Absolute Removal Rating(μm)Average Air Permeability (L/dm²min)Flow Rate (m³/h)
12.00.838%8 - 92.350.25
25.0112 - 142.420.43
310316 - 18
4201528 - 324.500.58
5402558 - 637.100.67
610085125 - 13016.200.8

Bubble Point Testing

Tested according to GB/T8786; Differential Pressure of 200Pa (in air)

Liquid Viscosity of 1 CP·S; diameter of 65mm; length of 10inches; pressure of 1.0bar

Length and Area

Nominal Length

Filtration Area

5 in. (127 mm)0.025 m²
10 in. (254mm)0.05m²
20 in. (508mm)0.10 m²
30 in. (762mm)0.15 m²
40 in. (1016mm)0.20 m²

Length and Other Sizes Are Customizable

Tested Filter Diameter is 65mm

Ordering Information

    Removal Ratings   End CapDiameterNominal Length  Seal Material  -F
CSSC    0200=2.0μmDOE=Double Open EndD25=25mm05= 5"S=Slilicone

0500=5.0μmTC=222/FlatD30=30mm10= 10"E=EPDM

1000=10μmSC=226/FlatD50=50mm20= 20"V=Viton

2000=20μmL=ScrewD65=65mm30= 30"P=PFA/Viton

D70=70mm40= 40"F=PTFE



Cleaning and Washing



Metal/rigid particlesUltrasonic cleaning with frequent vibrations to remove particles
High pressure spray prior to reusing
Flocculents (hair/strips/etc.)igh temperature baking, carbonizing, and vaporizing
ColloidsSoaking in a solvent to dissolve colloid

Length and Other Sizes Are Customizable

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