BevClear HFB Filter Cartridge
Perfect Replacement of Filter Bags

BevClear® HFB Filter Cartridges are designed to replace filter bags.  The outside diameter is equal to standard filter bags with cartridge body outside diameter of 160mm and endcap outside diameter of 180mm.
In addition, the filtration area is 8x times greater than the filtration area of filter bags.  They can fit most Size 1 and Size 2 bag housings without an adaptor to enhance your filtration.

Features and Benefits

  • Fits most Size 1 and Size 2 bag housings with no hardware adaptors.
  • Unique sealing design (“O” O-Ring + “U” O-Ring) ensures no leakage and adjusts to fit most bag filter housings.
  • Large filtration area and gradient pore structure ensure high flow rates and longer life time.
  • Outside Net Structure of PET improves construction stability
  • Quick and easy change-out.

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Materials of Construction

Filter MediumPolypropylene
Support / Drainage  Polypropylene
End CapsGlass Filled Polypropylene
Endcap O.D.  184 mm
Filter  O.D.160 mm

Operating Conditions

Recommended Change-out
Differential Pressure

1.0 bar @ 21°C (from inside to out)

Max. Operating Differential

3.5bar @ 21°C  (from inside to out)

Max. Operating Temperature

80 °C/176°F
(Hot Water Sanitization/Sterlization: 77-80 °C/20min)


Design Flow Rate

Maximum Flow RateFiltration Area
Size 110m³/hr25m³/hr1.8m²
Size 220m³/hr50m³/hr3.65m²

Ordering Information

    Endcap Style  Filter Media   End CapNominal LengthSeal Material -F
BCHFB      Blank= Standard  PP0150=1.5μm01=Size1 (330mm)E=EPDM

F= Extendable Neck  GF0200=2μm02=Size 2(660mm)







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